I went to the refugee center earlier than usual.  All the men were asleep, so I enjoyed coffee with the security and the administrator.  Afterwards, the men began to awake and I moved on to conversing with them.  After a while, one of the men with whom I have had the most contact asked to have some time alone.  “I have many questions”, he said.  I intend to meet with him tomorrow or Wednesday.  Please pray that this is a door of opportunity toward salvation.

Had a great time with the three professing Christian Refugees.  It was quite the adventure to get it together.   I had limited time today and 5 different groups needed me all at the same time.  One young man had a letter frome the police that he was worried about.  One teacher needed help translating the meaning of a German song she was trying to teach, another teacher was trying to set up appointments for German field trips to the Mall and another young man was conscered about hurting his treachers fealings by taking a break from her class.   He is destracted about his familie's safety in Syria and can't concentrate.  Comunicating in English, German and Arabic often all at the same time can be a mental challenge.   Thanks to Bible apps and smart phones we can all study the same text in all three languages.

Out of the refugees, three have come forward seeking contact with Christians and Church.  They have fear to express that they are "christian" in front of the other refugees.  Please pray for guidance and discernment.  It is very exciting, but my greatest wish is to glorify Christ, live by example and love them.  Please pray for a harvest.  These last days in which we find ourselves are days of opportunity for the gospel.



I went to the gym today where the refugees are being lodged until housing can be acquired and renovated. I helped by translating, organizing German classes, being a cultural bridge. I was allowed to pray with some of the refugees. May God continue to direct and open doors to the hearts of men. translating, organizing German classes, being a cultural bridge. I was allowed to pray with some of the refugees. May God continue to direct and open doors to the hearts of men.


We had a great time at our Baseball BBQ. 25 parents and players were present. The majority had never been to our church before.  That fact gave rise to many great questions and opportunities to share the gospel. One particular couple, without any connection to church, God or the Bible, was so interested that telling of the gospel story was so easy and natural that it felt like a dream. The cool thing is, they grasped the simplicity of the need for forgiveness and reconciliation so naturally. Please pray for T___’s family as the Holy Spirit applies the spoken Word. They are so excited about our church and spoke of visiting. T__’s mother had perused our website before considering coming to our BBQ.   She was so excited to see how many activities our little church offers.

Baseball is an outreach that seems to be catching traction. We were present during the school’s open house. It was great to meet more parents and present baseball as a sport. This is just one more way for our influence in the community to be used in spreading the gospel.

I made this for my mother. It is made of 4 mm black para-cord, 2 mm blue para-cord and black beads. The knot are as follows from top to bottom: English Whipping knot to bind the necklace strand, an improvised Double Hangman's knot secured with two Overhand Stopper knots, a Six Pointed Star knot with improvisations and four Single Strand Diamond stopper knots to secure the beads.

The necklace is full of symbols. Blue is the royal and heavenly color. The star is comprised of two triangles illustrating the trinity of God and man converging in the one and only mediator of the two, Jesus Christ the Lord.

Here are some Baseball Drill pictures from one of the schools where we are coaching.Swing