Yesterday, at the hospital, I had a wonderful visit with a man that runs a youth shelter in a town south of Wittenberg.  I had a conversation with him months ago, but he clearly stated that he had no desire for church as he was not brought up in it.  We still had a great conversation and I had the opportunity to share Christ.


Upon this “chance” meeting, he was there with his wife and mother-in-law.  His mother-in-law was having some diagnostic testing done and he was waiting.  We decided to go get a cup of coffee in the Café.  As we were sharing the events since we first met, his wife and MIL came and joined us.  As his MIL chimed in, it was apparent that he had shared our previous meeting with his extended family.  She mentioned her childhood experience with a Baptist church in what is now part of Poland.  It was very positive and I believe it will be key to this family.  You never know when your testimony for Christ will bear fruit.  I was able to share a few verses of scripture and pray with them.  Upon my exit, he stated their intent to visit our church soon.  Praise God.

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