Paul Sudbrock's testimony

Being the son of a pastor, I grew up in church. As I learned, I became aware of what sin was, and my need to have a relationship with Jesus Christ as my savior. At the age of four, after hearing a sermon, I made my way to the front. I was taken to a classroom where my mother explained sin and salvation to me with the Bible. It was in that room that I knelt and asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins, and to come into my heart. I was baptized when I was five, and so I began my walk with Him.

Personal call

As a child, I found it easy to follow Christ. My favorite time of the year was youth camp. It was like an oasis in a desert. Each year God would burden my heart for some real decision. It was during one such camp that I heard Jesus' call. I was only twelve, but I knew what He wanted. The field was Germany. In high school, I was reading about Martin Luther and, in time, God impressed the city of Wittenberg on my mind. But at that time, as my pastor/father reminded me, the "Iron Curtain" concealed Wittenberg.

Trusting God rather than man's view, I attended Baptist Bible College. During my preparation at BBC it was a requirement to learn how to write missionary letters. In my first--but pretend--missionary report letter I requested prayer that God would bring down the Iron Curtain so that we could go.

This was a faith letter in two ways: First, there was no we, as I was still single; second, the wall looked humanly impassable, as fellow students continued to remind me.

When I recieved the letter back from the Grading Department, the wall had fallen!

God makes a way when we can't see one.

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