Had a great time with the three professing Christian Refugees.  It was quite the adventure to get it together.   I had limited time today and 5 different groups needed me all at the same time.  One young man had a letter frome the police that he was worried about.  One teacher needed help translating the meaning of a German song she was trying to teach, another teacher was trying to set up appointments for German field trips to the Mall and another young man was conscered about hurting his treachers fealings by taking a break from her class.   He is destracted about his familie's safety in Syria and can't concentrate.  Comunicating in English, German and Arabic often all at the same time can be a mental challenge.   Thanks to Bible apps and smart phones we can all study the same text in all three languages.


We started in John 10.  I love the message that Jesus is the only good Shepherd.  It is not about religion, location, deeds, or liturgy.  It is about HIM alone!  Next Friday, we are meeting earlier to avoid the trafic jam of "needs" so that we can fill the real need of equiping these men to reach others for Christ.  My intention is to go through Matthew 7 and then finish up John 10.

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