This month has been full.  Sadie, our youngest, graduated and is on her way to Liberty on a missionary scholarship.  We had a goodbye service Sunday where teachers and friends heard the gospel one more time. 

After services, we grilled and celebrated Sadie’s 19 years in Germany.  With a complex mix of feelings, we release the last arrow of the Sudbrock quiver into the uncertainty of today with all the hopes and dreams that the Almighty will use her to change the world.

We are in the middle of preparation for summer furlough.  It entails preparing our apartment, lining up guest speakers, and filling empty dates along our route.

In July, I have been on two class trips with the school as chaperoning pastor.  We took the two 8th grade classes to the Berlin area.  It is such a fantastic opportunity to share the gospel.  Usually, the first night is a short one as they are full of trip excitement.  The rest of the week is generally more restful, but . . . as with any youth camp, it makes for a tired group of workers.  That aside, I wouldn’t give up the opportunity to give devotions, play soccer, listen, and counsel these young people for anything.  What a blessing it is to be able to communicate the loving good news of Christ’s salvation to these young people and their teachers. 

The second trip was with the 6th graders.  I had over done it helping a friend over the weekend with his roof and that set the stage for a problem at the end of our first day with the 6A.  After a 12-kilometer hike, my legs swelled and became feverous.  Monday night, I slept with my legs and feet over a fan I had lodge between the wall and the bed to cool the beet red blotches.  The next evening things had improved, and I was back in the swing of things.  Due to my leg issue, it was decided that I would ride back with the A class and Chelli would then bring me back Wed evening.  Suddenly it occurred to me that I had forgotten my dentist appointment and I would not make it back in time.  I called Chelli and asked her to call the dentist only to have the dentist call me to ask if I could come 45 minutes later.  God knows what we need when we need it.  If I had not had a problem with my legs, I would have missed my appointment and He even changed the Dentist’s schedule to accommodate my need without me knowing I had a need.

The 6b was a joy.  When I arrive Wed evening, I sat with a group of kids and started to share Bible stories.  The group grew and I lost track of time.  They were like sponges.  Afterwards, I walked around meeting the rest of the class and more questions ensued.  There is no greater joy than sharing Christ!

A special thanks for the support and the special offerings during these uncertain times.

The Sudbrock Family

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