August and September were filled with changes, adaptations, and new opportunities.

We landed in late July in Des Moines, IA.  Skyler and Eva renewed their vows at Newton Baptist Temple as the family was not able to be a part of their German wedding. 

They went east to visit friends and family and we went south visit some of our supporting churches. We all met up again in MO to spend some time with Samantha at College of the Ozarks.  We then parted ways as Skyler and Eva made their way back to IA then back to Germany.  A special thanks to all who helped them along their way.  Blessing our kids is a blessing to us.

After being in a few churches, we made our way to Indianapolis, where Guy Solarek and his church blessed us with fellowship and a generous love offering.

We then spent a few days with Chelli’s family and visited old friends.  We were then on to Cincinnati to meet new friends before heading off to VA to drop Sadie off at college.

The following Saturday, I took Chelli to the airport.  She had to be back as school was starting up in Wittenberg.  A few days later I was driving to Cincinnati with tears running down my face.  Letting your kids go is hard, but the finality of the last one starting college is just tough.

I went on to IA where I visited a few more churches and had an out-patient procedure with 10 days of healing before the long fight back.

As the kids are on their own, we are adapting.  One of the adaptations came in the form of four legs.  Thanks to a generous Christian dog breeder, we have a new child.  Elior (My God is light) will be joining our team as a therapy dog.  Lord willing, he will open doors for many new soul winning opportunities in hospitals, care facilities and orphanages.

We also have several needs.  Samantha and Serenity have medical bills that need to be paid off.  As you know, the cost of travel has become difficult to bear, this was never more evident than when you are traveling between faithful churches.  We are excited about the new opportunities with the K9 Chaplain ministry, but this as well comes at a cost.  Elior will be spending the winter with a professional trainer in MO.  We are feeling the cost-of-living increases brought on by the energy crisis here in Europe.  Would you consider increasing your commitment to our ministry.  If you are not supporting us, would you pray about taking us on?

In May, we are to be honored for thirty years of service as missionaries to Germany.  It is amazing how the time has passed.  It promises to be an exciting week as we see many of you again.  We will also be able to see Samantha again and pick up Elior. He will officially be joining our team in May as we endeavor to reach the lost until HE comes again.

A special thanks for the support and the special offerings during these uncertain times.

The Sudbrock Family

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