I cannot think of a better testimony. A man who has been watching our ministry for  several years and has witnessed the lives of our family on a daily basis, made me smile.    As I was chatting with him and steered the conversation to Christ, he interrupted me and stated positively, “You all live the faith”. It is so nice to get positive feedback. Thank you, Lord, for making the years of serving You, visible to our neighbors.

Since the end of February, we have been actively reaching out to the Ukrainian people, both in our city and throughout eastern Europe. We invited the refugees who have relocated to Wittenberg to attend a cake and coffee fellowship and BBQ.  We had 30 RSVP to our invite, so we planned for 40 and purchased for 50.  Ninety-five showed up!!!  Just as the grill ran out of food to serve, a young lady from Chelli’s ninth grade class appeared with a gorgeous layer cake from the bakery where she works. “I was wondering if you could use this?”

The Lord multiplied our “loaves and fish” and fed the multitude!  I was able to share Christ with a few people by drawing pictures in the sand while I was grilling.  Some spoke English.  Some spoke German.  But everyone has mastered the translation apps on our phones since all of this started. At the end of the evening, a man who spoke some English expressed his thankfulness.  He was so grateful for the opportunity to be distracted for a while and to enjoy life and hope for an afternoon.  We gave out backpacks filled and donated by Samaritan’s Purse.  Everyone had a great time and went home with the Gospel of John and our contact information. Please pray for open hearts as they struggle to make sense of their world.

On the family side of things, Serenity is with us for the summer.  She has an internship at a local engineering company.  We will be headed to the states in July to drop off Sadie as she starts at Liberty University on a Missionary Kid Scholarship in the fall. That means we will be empty nesters.! 

Please pray for Sadie’s left knee. If the tendons do not heal properly, she will need to undergo another surgery.

Pray for the health of churches and our support level as well. Two of our supporting Churches have disbanded and closed their doors this spring.

Upcoming events: Luther’s Wedding Festival (street ministry), 6th grade class trip (5 days), 8th grade class trip (5 days), Graduation Sunday. 

 A special thanks for the support and the special offerings during these uncertain times.

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