Being present and living a Christian life opens doors.   Nothing can replace the power of a good testimony as it develops trust.  In March, I was out and about when I saw a familiar face.  This kind gentleman and I had become friends through my car.  He had owned the same model.  I had shared the gospel with him in passing, but this day he was noticeably busy in his thoughts.  He told me he was on his way to see his doctor about his blood pressure.  I asked him if I could pray with him before he left.  He agreed and I took his hand and brought him before the Lord.  With tears welling up, he gratefully thanked me.  Being present is so important!

I was recently on a group trip where a young person demanded that I agree with “bi” sexuality.  She had become the alpha in the group and was demanding that I subject myself to her viewpoint.  I stated that I can respect her as a person. I can love her as a human being, but I will never agree with her view of sexuality. The conversation ended in her frustration, but I lovingly stood on truth. 

The next day as we embarked on a 7 km hike through the woods, the coolest thing happened. Six young men who had witnessed the previous day’s confrontation walked along side me and began showering me with questions spanning from life and death to faith and salvation, extent of salvation, life after death, who can be saved, are bad "Christians" in heaven, memory of former life and the list went on and on. They saw my biblical stand the day before. They had a hunger for truth!!!  I call miracle!  God is good!

Our family has now all been through Covid.  One of the young men on that hike shared it with me.  I naturally gave it to Chelli and then Sadie tested positive as well.  The timing could not have been better as we had a planned trip that would have had to be cancelled if it had come any later.  Now that I have had it, I am free from any Covid restrictions in our area. Germany is slowly dropping its restrictions.  God’s timing is always best.

Please pray for my eyesight.  During my COVID experience I suffered a tear inside the eye. This caused blood to build up and now I have a permanent ring-shaped floater in my vision. The doctor said the small blood drops will go away with time, but the ring is permanent. Please pray for my eye health that there be no further deterioration.

A special thanks for the support and the special offerings during these uncertain times.

The Sudbrock Family

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