No one goes to a sporting event with the belief that their team will lose. This is exactly why so many don’t share their faith.   

To be successful, we must be excited about what God has done, knowing He, who has promised, has already won.  We have a book full of His victories.

Every sport fan knows his team’s stats.  We need to know our God was, is and will be!

I have fallen in love with the quest of seeing the gospel in the OT.  The apostles preached Christ’s message of repent (return to agree with God) and believe (trust Him) without the benefit of the NT.   One such text (Isaiah 7), when its power was recognized, propelled me to witness to six people in an afternoon; pumped with the realization that Our God wins.  Two of those six allowed me to lead them in prayer.

Soul winning starts in a heart driven by the power of God.  That power is available through His word; experienced in the heart of the believer.

Isaiah had a son whose name means a residue will return (repent).  God sent him with his infant son to meet the idol worshiping king of Judah, Ahaz.  He was being threated by two kings. Isaiah was to call him to return to God and see his two enemies removed.  He refused.

Prophecy has a short-term fulfillment as proof for the future fulfillment.

God wanted, and despite Ahaz, did share one of the most important prophecies of Christ’s birth and the beautiful message of returning and rest for salvation.  So, we must share, even when the intended will not obey.  The message is more important than one stubborn King.  It is an everlasting message from the Eternal to all men of all times, “Behold, a virgin will conceive…a son” and He “shall be called Immanuel!”

In the context of the prophecy, the two kings after Ahaz would have been removed before Shearjashub was of decerning age.  Salvation was available to a returning Ahaz, but not for a non-repentant one.

The newborn Christ (Salvation) was carried to Egypt to escape Herod. Upon return, He had to go to Nazareth to avoid the second.  The two kings were out of the way before Jesus was of age.  The whole story is that of return to agree with God, trust His salvation, and receive eternal life.

God has been faithful and Sadie’s right knee is healing perfectly.  Her left knee, although better, may need further surgery. Please pray for wisdom and healing.

A special thanks for the support and the special offerings during these uncertain times.

The Sudbrock Family

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