Our first Reformation Festival since the onset of Covid was a success.  We passed out many hundred tracts and had helpers from the Baptist Church that Skyler and Eva are members of. It is always a blessing to share Christ, even more so when people stop and discuss. Many such opportunities availed themselves during the day-long festival commemorating the Reformation. It is a lot of worthwhile labor to be a part of the event that we utilize for evangelism. We even received acknowledgment for the first time from the organizers in the form of a thank you card.

We no sooner put the festival behind us than we were deep in our Christmas outreach. The benefits of this outreach are not only for the kids who receive a gift, or for those who help but it is a witness that Christians don’t just talk the talk, but we walk the walk.

At the school, our outreach has been stifled by corona regulations, but we were blessed to be able to teach a 45 min class about respect to each of the 8th grade classes. Chelli spoke to the girls, and I with the boys. Chelli posed the question to the girls, “Are you a china cup, or a paper cup.”  To the boys the question was, Are you a Maserati or a manure wagon. I started with Christ’s answer about the law: Love God and love others.

I often talk about my coming message with people I have contact with as an invitation to our services and more importantly as an opportunity to evangelize. During the Christmas outreach, I was out and ran into a Lady to whom we have influenced for many years.  I was working through the application of Joshua and Israel’s crossing of the Jordan. I communicated to her that Israel, like so many of us, easily got caught up in the literal and missed out on the spiritual. We quickly become hypocritical rather than truly walking with a full heart with our Lord.

The way that archaeologists found the crossing was the fact that Israel took God so literally that they built the encampment in the shape of a right foot: “Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses.”

As I told her that people need to see that we are truly walking with God. We don’t need nominal Christians. The world needs practicing Christians. She interrupted me with tear-swollen eyes and stated, “You and your family are exactly that to me.”  What an honor! It is a great blessing to see that God is working through us in the lives of others.

Maybe you have had the chance to read my Joseph post.  Before I posted “The Three Josephs”, I used it as a soul-winning opener for weeks and preached it as a sermon opening the traditional four Sundays of the Christmas Celebration Season.  Everywhere you go, use every opportunity to tell of His loving salvation!  If you missed it, you can read “The Three Josephs” on our Facebook page or newfire4germany.org.

Merry Christmas!

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