While shepherding the flock to follow "the" one and only "good Shepherd", don't pet the wolves who teach contrary to the Gospel of Christ knowing that "whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

  1. Gospel Foretold    Joel 2:32
  2. Gospel Fulfilled     Acts 2:21
  3. Gospel Explained  Ro 10:1-13

Roman 16:17  

Not withstanding the debt we owe to Christ for his unspeakable gift, we owe all those who have sacrificed before us.  These paved the way.  They left a trail, a pattern, a trellis whereupon we might grow.  Often we only come to understand the richness bestowed upon us when it is gone.  We must stand strong and in their example sacrifice.  We owe it to Christ and those who left the tracks before us to leave our own foot prints lest the path become obscured and we by erring example lead others astray.

Who you allow to tell you no, can measure your level of humility and your ability to learn.



It is interesting how much richness one word can have.

"In 336 BC Philip II of Macedon was authorized by the League of Corinth as its Hegemon to intiate a sacred war of vengence against the Persians for desecrating and burning the Athenian temples during the Second Persian War. He sent an advance force into Asia Minor under the command of his generals Parmenion and Attalus to "liberate" the Greeks living under Persian control. After they took the Greek cities of Asia from Troy to the Maiandros river,


Truly, all sin is equally detestable and destructive, except in a society where so called followers of God promote one sin, applauding it, making God a liar.


Paul Sudbrock