We closed off October with the Reformation Festival. God gave us the right people at the right time to
make it all come together. Even some of Chelli’s students came to help! Over the course of the day,
we were able to talk to several hundred people and send the Gospel home with countless more.
November was filled with our Christmas outreach and once again, the Lord granted us precisely what
we needed to ensure its success. Chelli took the lead in orchestrating a Christmas play with the 8th
graders. I am truly blessed with a multifaceted and determined helpmate. Our house was a bustle the
entire month with repairs and preparations for the Christmas season.
December began with a visit from a missionary family from Italy, creating an amazing time of
fellowship. Later in the month, I had the blessing of conducting the final Chapel Service before
Christmas break. At 7:20 AM, the entire student body and teachers gathered around a fire barrel as I
touched on the recurring themes of previous weeks: Hope, Peace, Joy, with a particular focus on
love. Exploring the concept that God provided hope for salvation after the fall, sent His Son for peace
through sacrifice, and the resulting joy of salvation inspires us to share the Gospel with others. Max
Lucado’s story of Punchinello served as a perfect illustration of these themes. God abundantly
blessed our time, leading to expressions of gratitude from several teachers who described it as a
"mini Christmas Sermon," noting that the students had never been so attentive as they were during
that last Chapel service. On the 24th, we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas breakfast with our church
family followed by a beautiful morning service and even more fellowship.
We were blessed beyond measure to have all our kids home for Christmas for the first time since
2017. Serenity was here for a short visit and has returned to college in the states. Samantha
graduated with a BA in Art from the College of the Ozarks and is now here in Germany for an
internship year. Sadie will be taking online classes this semester while staying with us here in
Germany. She is scheduled for another knee operation at the end of the month.
Please pray for Skyler as he undergoes yet another procedure to treat his Crohn’s.
We are continuing to raise funds to cover my laptop and a reliable vehicle. Bob (our car) is still in the
shop, and we are still hoping he can be repaired and pass inspection. Thankfully, several churches
have stepped up to help us, bringing the total to $4000. We have driven natural gas cars for the past
20 years, but those are getting more difficult to find. Whatever our future car is, it is imperative that it
is fuel efficient and that we can pay cash. With the weakened dollar and 20% inflation on groceries
here, financial planning is presenting new challenges. The experts are telling us that the overall
inflation is at 10%, but some items for example, coffee creamer, have more than doubled in price.
Needless to say, we have decided to do without. Afterall, cutting corners can result in snowflakes.
We have several prayer requests:
❖Church Growth ❖Finances for a car $10,000 ❖New support for the rise in living costs
❖Health ❖Wisdom ❖Spiritual Fruit
Special thanks for the support and the special offerings during these uncertain times.
The Sudbrock Family,
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