Activities of the MonthThe last months have been filled with activity.  Chelli had warned me not to make any new appointments, and rightly so. Every week was filled to the brim. 

Our youngest celebrated her Modern Day Princess Ceremony at church.  It was very exciting to see our Sadie celebrating coming of age.  We charged her to strive for truth and wisdom, to bloom where God has her now to gather the strength for the next phase of her life, to let Jesus shine in and through her, to never forget the goal and who she belongs to and to guard her heart.


Luther’s’ Wedding Festival was exciting.  Again, this year we passed out more than a thousand pieces of Christian literature and tracts along with individual conversations about Christ. The opportunity to point masses of people to Christ during this celebration is so rewarding.  One conversation led to a young man, T…, receiving Christ.  His first question was, do you really believe that God exists.  What an open door to share Christ!  Later that evening.  He approached me and stated, “if I don’t see you again here on earth, I will see you in the life to come!”  Praise God for His Spirits’ working and His salvation.

Samantha graduated.  Such an emotional time of watching our first daughter stretching her wings.  She leaves the end of August to go work in a Baptist Children’s Home in South Africa.  Please pray for her needed financial support.  There is still much to do in preparation for her 11 months abroad.

Preparation were finalized for Serenity to go to Peru on a Medical Missions Trip.  We are excited to see our children have such a strong desire to follow the Lord in planning the direction of their lives!

Skyler’s return to Wittenberg.  Skyler is coming home to study in Coswig.  His goal is to be a lay Pastor supporting our work here in Wittenberg.  He will be training to be a Journeyman Cabinet Maker and later a Building engineer.

All this while building a new storage garage to replace our little rotting shed at the church.  Oh, 4 more weeks until my “Hebrew A” final exam.  My brain is trying to grasp the relative concept of Hebrew verb forms.  I am signed up for Biblical Hebrew B and I am pushing off the start date to Feb, 2019 in hopes of solidifying what I have learned. 

Thanks so much for your support!    

Paul, Chelli and the Sudbrock Kids.  

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