There are many “good things” that can replace the right thing. Jesus came to “seek and to save”. He commanded us to take the Gospel for which he suffered, died and resurrected to secure. It goes way beyond a “Commission”. It is a command to, in the process of going, MAKE disciples, BAPTIZE them and to TEACH them. Making disciples is eternally essential. Anything stressed or placed before it, is contrary to it. The “good” cannot replace the right and remain good. The other two are ordered, foundational and biblical, but not essential to eternal life. It is sad, how many lesser-degree “good” things, that are not foundational and biblical but rather are interpretive or traditional and can be simply the dictates of man, become so important to the religious. Jesus, the disciples and the early churches contended with such things. We are no different. We must always evaluate our lives and ministries to align them with the simplicity of the Gospel. See

aprilpicsmSoul winning in Wittenberg often consists of going to a sit-down bakery, coffee shop, Café or the hospital. Any opportunity to meet people and share Christ is the right thing. One recent visit to a local bakery for a coffee, cheese cake and Hebrew studies caught the attention of Wolfgang. He is a gentleman in his late 60s to early 70s. He saw my studies and my embroidered cross on my chest and asked the typical question intended to “pop” my Christian “bubble”.
“Do you really believe that God exists?”

I answered affirmatively and then he drove on further with all the down fallings of “Christianity” and “Judaism”. He was soon astonished to see that I was not one of those easy targets. He was quickly disarmed as I separated Faith in Christ from his false view that combined faith and religion. This is a standard issue that we must understand. “Religion”, as it is generally used, is man’s invention. It is the camo cloak that Christ will see through as He condemns “Christians” with the words, “I never knew you”.

As I inserted the gospel, you could see the notable tears of conviction well up in Wolfgang’s eyes. Another seed firmly planted, awaiting God’s power of salvation.

We are thankful to see Serenity’s trip to Peru is funded and we turn our attention to Samantha’s year in South Africa. She will be working with a Baptist Children’s Home there. We are excited to see her take this step to minister to the lost. Any funds that come in beyond Serenity’s need will be applied to Samantha’s flight and housing during her year away from home. We are excited to see our kids follow the Lord!

Skyler is finishing his studies in Berlin and will begin a dual study program as a carpenter/engineer. He asked If the church could use a youth pastor. I told him that the church couldn’t pay anything. He answered, “they don’t pay you either”. I had to laugh.

Prayer request: The costs of a new clutch and cable for our car when it left us stranded in Berlin. ($617.46). My long serving workhorse(iPad) is in the repair shop. It is so old that the repairman doubts his ability to fix it as Apple discontinued its support quite some time ago. Please pray that it is fixable.

Thanks so much for your support!
Paul, Chelli and the Sudbrock Kids.

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