When man begins to loosen the reigns of God on his life, all kinds of evil are possible.  This is the very point made in Romans 1 and II Peter 2 & 3.

We finished up Peter today.  So powerful and relevant.  The tools of our mind, whereby we form rational thought, are the words of language.  Jesus is the word spoken at creation by whom all things were made and exist. Language is a gift from the creator which allows us the ability to think, understand and communicate with He who is logic.

Either, we live according to God's Word(logos - where we get the word logic) unto life eternal or we follow the world in making decisions according to the flesh(sarc - where we get the word sarcophagus) unto death. God says "come now let us reason together..."(Isaiah 1:18). 

It is so clear, but man is so programmed to live according to sinful flesh(animal like passions or emotionalism) rather than by the logic of God.  God wants to save us by calling us to  reject our sinfulness and trust in His Word(logic) Jesus. 

We pulled in Roman 1;18-32 as Peter not only supports creation, the prophets and Apostles, but Paul's writings in particular.  In these last days, those "scoffers" who walk "after their own lusts" are in almost every leading position of society. They are calling the shots.  As Peter admonishes, we must hold to the Word in every detail lest we be swept away with the world into the chaos of Romans 1:28-32.

Sad, how the mainstream "Christianity" is so eager to accommodate the world 's interpretation of the age of the earth.  These tests, radiometric and geological strata, are undone in light of the prophecy in the 3 chapter of  II Peter. These tests are contingent on the world being a closed system.  There is no such thing as a closed system.  Peter, by inspiration, clearly shows that the world is not a closed system. 

The world has seen two catastrophic events that completely opened up the system through cataclysmic changes to the surface of the earth.  First, after creation, God separated the waters and the earth to make dry land. Some land in water, other land  out of the water.  The two would be subjected to differing amounts of radiation. 

This alone would nullify such methods.  Peter then mentions the worldwide flood that again re-laid all strata and created the fossils, by which, through interpretation, the atheist attempts to confuse man and therewith cause man to follow the lust of the flesh(sarc) rather than the Word(logos- logic) of God to create secularism(godlessness). 

In this, they loosen the reign of God in man’s lives and create the paradigm of Romans 1;28-32.

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