The conductor of an orchestra commands musicians who flawlessly play instruments of the highest quality.  The Conductor and Orchestra rehearse untold hours to achieve a quality performance.  Yet, such music reaches a limited audience, for orchestra music is not for everyone.


God, on the other hand, uses flawed unpredictable people with broken lives.  No one’s life is rehearsed.  No one gets a second take in the storyline of real life.  We have to get back up.  We cannot look backward, lest we fall again. We must move on with the brokenness; some of which is design and some of which is thrust upon us from others, and there is also the brokenness of our own making.

The Master of all Conductors is performing the greatest piece ever played. He is sovereignly focused. He is undeterred by the disturbances that free-will creates. All the while, He protects free-will from the enemy. 

Despite all the uncertainty that is man, He conducts.

Above every wrong perspective read, misplaced desire played and showboating arrogance of man, rises His crescendo of Redemption until every knee bows and every tongue confesses the greatness that demonstrates His righteousness and love.

A tiny excerpt of His greatness is the life of Samuel.

He was not a Levite.  He was not qualified.  His family had no role in Temple worship.

The High Priest did not raise his boys biblically.  They had committed horrible acts of lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and they pridefully used what was holy as a weapon to wield.

They had utterly disqualified themselves.  They abused offerings unto the Lord.  They shamed Israeli women and Israel as a whole. Thirty thousand Israeli footmen lost their lives due to their arrogance.  The shame broke their father’s heart.  From all human perspectives, the glorious orchestra ended…

…. . .  Wait, there was that still small voice.  There was that child-like answer of faith.  They were proceeded by a barren heart, void of fulfillment, a broken vessel yearning to be whole, and pieces searching for purpose.

All were found in the willing humble heart of the woman whose name means Grace.

Hanna prayed and God answered.  You see, this Mighty Conductor knew.  He was not caught unaware.  Hanna was His plan.  It is in the name!

Samuel – God hears

Hanna – Grace

Elkanah, the Ephrathite (Bethlehemite), – God will make

The line, that all thought was not to be, was…  “God will make grace because He hears.”

He is still listening for hearts He can write into His Masterpiece!  Are you ready and willing?

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