Yesterday evening, after our teen activity, Chelli was taking one of the girls home.  During the return trip something “slipped” in the front end of our car.  Chelli, then took the rest of the girls home, but as she was leaving our drive, the front end made a terrible clunking sound.  She then came and picked up the rest of the boys and myself from the church.  I very carefully drove home, deciding to take a look at it in the morning light.  

bushingI went out to look into the issue the next morning to find that the lower A-frame bushing had worked it’s way out and the A-frame pin was free of the constraint that the bushing provides in the bracket.  There was no chance I was going to be driving it any further.  The chance that the other end would work it’s way out of the it’s bracket was just too risky.


This left us, at best, riding our bikes in the rain to church tomorrow.  Samantha found the grommet next our parking place.  Of all the places for it to be, that was the most improbable.  Chelli had driven the car, at least, 17 miles since she first noticed something wasn’t right.  It could have been anywhere, but there.  That is just the way our God works.

Armed with silicon sealant, a rubber mallet, a hydraulic jack, a pry bar, the old rubber grommet and the encouragement that our family could use the vehicle tomorrow for our rainy trip to church, I climbed under the beast.

After 20 min of pounding, lifting, grunting and wrestling the grommet was almost in it’s original position again.  That was enough to allow us to use our car for Sunday services, I concluded.  

Monday, the garage will pick up the car, install the new A-Frame and realign the front end.  Our ADAC (AAA) service will pick up the towing bill.  Just so cool how God provides!

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