Yesterday, in a ceremony of Manhood, we dubbed Skyler a man of God.  It was a surprise for him and many of his friends came and helped us celebrate this very important step.  With a sword engraved with the phrase "God has the last word" we charged him to be a man that produces life,  protects life, lives exemplarily, lives a life in the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom and leads people to Jesus.  We challenged him to fight the good fight and to never forget that the battle is a spiritual one.  After the dubbing we prayed for God's continued leadership and blessings. 


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English Translation of the ceremony

God has the last word.

Skyler, you are my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. As of today, I recognize you as a man. You bear from this day on the responsibility to read the word of God, to honor, and obey Him. God has created you for a purpose and has prepared great things for you in the future days. Everyone should know that I love you and am very proud to be your father.

The man of God  produces life,  protects life, lives a life in the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, lives exemplarily and leads people to God. 

• "Producing life" is a direct command of God

• To "protect life" is God's will for all. Therefore be courageously responsible and ready to lead."

• "Pursuing knowledge and wisdom" is the desire for God.

• "Exemplary living" is to follow God's way. This means "to take up your cross and follow" Jesus.

• to "lead to God" is your priesthood. Jesus is the mediator. A man of God proclaimed the "good news" that everyone has a chance to encounter God through your testimony.


Wherefore I beseech you, produce life, protect life, learn life-long, live exemplary and lead people to Jesus.

With this sword be reminded that God always has the last word. In all your ways, with the cross of Jesus, honor Christ and follow Him with all your heart.


Kneel before me my son.

As Paul encouraged Timothy, his spiritual son, I encourage you.

1 Tim. 6:12


Never forget the nature of the struggle, otherwise it will be lost.

Eph. 6.10-12


Arise, and take this sword as a symbol of God's armor. Never forget to put on spiritual armor every day this. Even if you have to put it on several times  a day. If you fall, stand again and put on the armor  once again.

Proverbs 24:16


This is the key to victory is never quit!

Eph. 6:13-18


We closed the ceremony by laying on hands and praying for God's leadership and strength.




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