It is the simple things that we overlook which God chooses to use.

“And the Loʀᴅ said unto him, What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod.” Ex. 4,2

This verse reminds us that God uses simple things to facilitate his will.  The question is, are we available and faithful to allow God to use what is in our hand. 

We are forever striving to be more effective; searching for the next open door or opportunity.

As a child watching Westerns, playing Cowboys and Indians, the art of knot tying was fascinating.  Sitting down one afternoon, without instruction, the urge to learn how to tie a noose like the ones so often observed in the classic Westerns became overwhelming.  Naturally, my parents were not so impressed with this newly acquired knowledge, but I was hooked.  No pun intended.

Twice a year we build our Festival stand and it requires several different knots.  Chelli has even bought books to feed my appetite for new knots.

Matthew 6:33  But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

We seem to apply such promises to important  things and often overlook the little ways that God fulfils his promises. 

Much has transpired since out last letter.  We celebrated our oldest daughter, Samantha, becoming an adult in a coming of age ceremony to which  her friends and teachers from school were invited.  After preaching about the crowns awarded to believers, while stressing salvation, Chelli and I challenged Samantha to be the woman that God has designed her to be.  These challenges were tailored to her gifts and personality.  We presented her with a beautiful cloak and crown.

Ministry is about connections.  An Isolationist cannot be a successful soul winner.  We are constantly looking to build connections and find points of contact.  On the Night of Lights, we handed out 198 lit balloons with the text “Das Licht dieser Welt”… ( The light of the World…)  and our church’s web address.  On the website, we created an online Tract called “Das Licht”.  This serves not only to spread the gospel, but also to help our young believers to break into sharing the gospel. 

A year ago while on a train a man asked me who was treating my rosacea and gave me a prescription for some medicine. This was like a spiritual rubber stamp to the person to whom I was witnessing. They were just simply amazed how God orchestrated it all. The medicine cleared up the issue and became an even more powerful witness to God’s power. Just this last week, I received a call from that doctor who wrote me the prescription. He was doing follow-up on me as he is publishing his research regarding a better treatment for the condition. I excitedly told him how it not only cleared up the problem, but also how God had used him. He stated, “now that is an interesting interpretation of the events”. He thanked me for my help and hoped that his call was not an inconvenience. I assured him it was not and that his calls were more than welcome. God used one event to witness to two people who I would have never met, except that I had rosacea.

We have been on furlough during the past eight weeks, visiting many of our supporting churches in Ohio, Iowa, and Indiana. We have been in a few new churches. It has been good to visit our faithful supporters and new churches as well, but now we are eager to get back home to Germany. We are sitting in the Newark airport awaiting our flight to Berlin.

The Reformation Festival was refreshing this year as the people were more open to our witness as ever before. It could be that they are beginningReformation Festival to expect our presence and message at the festival. We passed out many tracts, Bibles and lots of balloons. Our balloons were a big hit. They were lit with a small LED light with the Text “The Light of The World” and our website address on them. On our website, we wrote a gospel tract to coincide with the balloons. We praise the Lord for the many people who went to our site and read about The Light of The World, Jesus!

We have finished up John and are now working through Romans, being " not ashamed" of the Gospel.

Missionaries, Paul and Doris Brock have arrived back in Germany!  We are so excited to have them back.  They will be filling in during our furlough from the middle of June to middle of August. Please pray for them as they adjust back to their ministries here in Germany.