Representing Christ as the Savoir is the point.  Recently as I witnessed to an older gentleman, he proudly stated that he and his wife had just celebrated 62 years together.  After a fist bump and congratulations for such an accomplishment, I explained that before Christianity, Israel, Moses, Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, and Noah, God created Adam and Eve.  That relationship preaches the way to salvation.  How often must a husband or a wife admit their failure and trust that they will be forgiven.  It was not without reason that the relationship between Christ and the church is paralleled to man and his wife.  In repenting and trusting the good news that Jesus will save, as He is the way, the truth, and the life, one is saved.

I explained to Herr S… how I trusted Christ and how He saved me.  I shared with him John 3:16 asking him to promise me to read it as soon as he could. I begged him to consider trusting Christ. Explaining that He will not cast away a repentant heart, but rather save those who trust Him.

Nov & Dec were wonderfully packed with ministry. Chelli lead the 8th grade Christmas play at the school. It was so encouraging, within this atheistic community, to see the gospel shine so brightly through the presentation that these children created. We also put together care packages for needy families, passed out calendars with the gospel message to our neighborhood and delivered gift bags for the homeless in Wittenberg.

Please pray for our church people.  We had a water pipe burst in the recent cold snap.  It flooded our kitchen, main Sunday school room as well as part of the vestibule.  The floorboards have taken in water and swollen to the point of hindering proper door function.  The kitchen cabinets are a total loss as well as some furniture. I have an appointment with the contractors tomorrow.  Once we have the needed estimates and the insurance signs off on everything, we can schedule the repairs. It means a lot of work for our people and a season when we will not be able to meet in our building.  Pray with us that the time of fellowship as we work side by side will be fruitful and that God provides us an alternative meeting place while the floor is being replaced.

Please continue to pray for Samantha’s health. My eye has healed, but the operation has advanced a cataract.  The eye doctor is recommending having both lenses replaced in Oct.  After insurance, there is still our co-pay for the surgeries that I had in the fall which amounts to $3,200.  With the war in Europe and the energy crisis in Germany, the cost of living has drastically jumped.  If the Lord could use you to help with these needs, we would be very grateful.

This summer Sadie’s knee is needing to be operated on again, Samantha is doing an internship, we are picking up Elior and receiving recognition for 30 years of service as missionaries.  That is a good deal of travel expense. 

Special thanks for the support and the special offerings during these uncertain times.

The Sudbrock Family

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